My Spirit Carries On

Tuesday, March 13, 2007 |

Where did we come from?Why are we here?
Where do we go when we die?
What lies beyondAnd what lay before?
Is anything certain in life?
They say " Life is too short"
"The here and the now"
And " You`re only given one shot
"But could there be more
Have I lived before
Or could tis be all that we`ve got?

If I die tomorrowI`d be allright
Because I believe
That after we`re gone
The spirit carries on

I used to be frightened of dying
I used to think death was the end
But that was beforeI`m not scared anymore
I know that my soul will transcend

I may never find all the answers
I never understand why
I may never prove
What I know to be true
But I know that I still have to try

[V:]"Move on, be brave
Don`t weep at my grave
Because I`m no longer here
But please never let...You memories of me disappear"
[N:]Safe in the light that surrounds me
Free of the fear and the pain
My questioning mind
Has help me to find
The meaning in my life againVictoria`s real
I finally feel... At peace with the girl in my dreams
And now that I`m here
It`s perfectly clear
I found out what all of this means


setiap manusia mempunyai sejuta rasa sayang dalam hidupnya untuk diberikan kepada setiap orang yang mereka sayangi.
dan itu semua dipersembahkan untuk setiap orang yang telah hadir dalam hidupnya yang telah membawa segudang senyum.
tidak peduli seorang itu telah terpisahkan jarak dan waktu karena itu alami, naluri yang berbahasa dalam dekapan sejuta rasa rindu yang seharusnya .
rindu itu bagai seekor burung bebulu Indah terbang menari diatas mega meninggalkan sebatang pohon yang selalu ingin melindunginya dari hujan dan terpaan angin.
dedaunan hijau memanggilnya dengan lembut angin sepoy untuk kembali mendekap dalam kehangatan.
you is my friend who never break apart we friend forever n never forget sarapan hehehehehe.......... :p